The History of Paddington Train Station in London

Paddington train station in London is among the world’s most famous public transport hubs and among the city’s best-known as well. Visitors who are staying in hotels in London must stop off at London Paddington at some point in their trip.

Paddington History – Learn About the Origin of Paddington’s Name

Centuries ago, Padda, an Anglo-Saxon man, owned a small settlement known as a ‘tun’; his legacy lingered and soon Padda’s tun evolved into Paddington. The place where the ninth-century white marble-faced triumphal arch called Marble Arch stands today was where Padda’s tun was located, but this is believed to be the origin of this station’s name.

Paddington is the brainchild of the English mechanical and civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel also built GWR (Great Western Railway) and is regarded as one of the most intelligent and prolific figures in the history of engineering. He started his mission in 1853.

The current architecture and design of London Paddington is not the original station that was built in 1838. Brunel didn’t approve the original, temporary terminal and decided that only a grand thing deserved to be approved. The British civil engineer got to work; in 1853, plans for the new station design seen today were approved. However, Matthew Digby Wyatt, Brunel’s associate, did most of the architectural detailing.

Paddington Bear Statue – Take Photos With Family

The Paddington Bear is a bronze sculpture that was created by the contemporary British sculptor Marcus Cornish and erected in 2000. The statue marks the association between Thomas Michael Bond’s fictional bear and London Paddington from which his name derives. Visitors can take selfies underneath this sculpture.

Little Venice – Have Fun at This Picturesque Area With Family

Located six minutes from London Paddington, Little Venice features beautiful canals and waterways. There are quirky waterside cafes, nice restaurants and cosy pubs. The streets found in this area are charming and great for relaxing strolls with family or friends.

Paddington Basin Bridges – A Stunning Sight for Visitors to Behold

Located just three minutes from Paddington Station, these incredible bridges also serve as a pedestrian crossing. They are amazing moving pieces of public art and visitors can enjoy the show as they watch the beautiful bridges open and close. Here is a site with more Paddington information.

Paddington is a wonderful place to explore, and many visitors love the area because of the history of the station and the attractions near this station. Holidaymakers who are looking for an ultra-modern hotel near Paddington Station should go to Royal Lancaster London. This hotel is conveniently located near this station and has luxurious suites and new rooms.


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