3 places you can dine really well in London’s Shepherd’s Bush

3 places you can dine really well in London’s Shepherd’s Bush

There are loads of great places to eat in Shepherd’s Bush. From Spanish to Malaysian, Chinese to Italian, the restaurants in this district of West London have got it covered. With that in mind, here are the top three places you can dine in Shepherd’s Bush London. 

Albertine Restaurant – visitors get to enjoy European dishes with a healthy, Italian bent

Owned by the famous TV chef Allegra McEvedy, Albertine Restaurant is located above the Albertine wine bar. Their menu is chock full of healthy Italian influences and a range of dishes for vegetarians, including courgette carpaccio and a plate of smoky aubergine with sharp caponata. Those looking for something meaty also have numerous options, such as the ginger-licking Ibérica Presa pork steak with chimichurri and chips, washed down with a glass of wine. 

Studio Kitchen – Visitors get to enjoy delicious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere

As one of the top-rated restaurants near shepherd’s bush London, Studio Kitchen K West Hotel & Spa serves their orders with a slice of glamour. 

They have highly skilled chefs and a gourmet menu that doesn’t come with an eye-watering price tag. Visitors will enjoy vibrant, modern choices such as a Korean BBQ chicken and a delicious beet burger. 

Esarn Kheaw – visitors get to try north-eastern Thai food

A SheBu favourite, this restaurant serves food from north-eastern Thai. Visitors will witness a scrumptious marinated chargrilled beef with an anchovy, minced catfish and a hot vegetarian jungle curry or green chilli dip. They can also enjoy the delicious Thai fried hard-boiled eggs son-in-law eggs. Here is the map of Shepherd’s Bush for those looking for these restaurants.

Shepherd’s Bush has unparalleled restaurant scenes, and it is undoubtedly a veritable hub of eateries where visitors can dine and have a memorable time while in London. These restaurants are popular among holidaymakers because they serve the best tasting menu in this district of West London. 


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